Differences Between Group and Family Psychotherapies Questions

– At least 4 sources

– APA format


– 2 pargraphs to 1 fully paragraph for each questions and fully answering the questions.

(1) What are the main differences between group and family psychotherapies. What do group therapists mean by the term social microcosm? Why is it important not to identify a “sick family member” when doing any form of family psychotherapy?

(2) Define and explain the rationale for using a multi-source, multi-method, multi-setting approach to the assessment of children?

(3) What is health psychology and what is the scope of clinical practice for a health psychologist? What are some of the hypotheses proposed to explain how social support protects our health?

(4) What is a forensic psychologist and what type of work do they do? In the field of forensic psychology, how do clinical prediction methods of predicting dangerousness differ from actuarial prediction methods of predicting dangerousness?