Dippin Dots Ice Cream of Future Case 8 Internal Analysis

  • Internal Analysis
    • Value chain analysis to determine competencies
    • VRIN analysis to determine competitive advantage (if any)
    • Financial ratio/trend analysis (for firm and industry/competition)

    Strategy Analysis: InternalAssess

    • Organizational goals
    • Stakeholder mgmt. & corp. governance
    • Competencies & competitive advantage (including human, social & intellectual capital)
    • Financial ratios /trends versus competition/industry

    Summarize findings

    Comprehensively analyzes the internal environment, using most relevant tools. Identifies and assesses important strengths, weaknesses, and core competencies; discusses how and why they are important to the organization’s mission and strategies. Assesses competitive advantage. Analyzes financial state, makes conclusions, and discusses implications. Succinctly assesses how well the company is positioned.