1) POSTS: Instructions for answering a discussion question (“posting”):

  • Compose a thoughtful answer to one of the questions. (I recommend you do this in a word processing program and then cut and paste your answer into the discussion forum).
  • Begin with a clear thesis statement (argument) that directly answers the question.
  • Next, develop TWO concrete examples drawn from TWO different assigned course materials.
  • Please cite each of your sources using a simple parenthetical citation form, including author’s last name, abbreviated title, and page. E.g.: (Foner, GML, 486).
  • Answers must be at least 200 words in length. Please use full sentences.

1. According to Eric Foner, the American economy thrived after the Civil War “because of federal involvement, not the lack of it.” Based on evidence in Module 3, how accurate is this statement? Why?