Discussion Board #5

Discussion Board #5

1/In what ways did the 1920s represent a transitional decade for the United States? What were we transitioning FROM and TO?

2/ What were the underlying causes of the Great Depression and how did the New Deal attempt to “fix” the American economy to avoid a repetition of this economic catastrophe?

3/ How did the New Deal begin to change social relations in the United States in terms of class, race and gender status?

4/ What were the long-term political implications of the New Deal, in terms of the role of government in American society and who had political power?

5/ What were the short and long-term goals of the New Deal? To what extent did it achieve these goals?

Part One –Please submit a thoughtful response to at least ONE of the questions listed above. Each response should be at least one substantial paragraph, which includes specific details and historical evidence. Please be sure to use your own words – don’t just copy material from the textbook or some other source.

Part Two – In a SEPARATE post please indicate FIRST what interested you the most about this week’s topic and SECOND a question for other students to answer about something that confused you or something you want to know more about.

Part Three – Answer a classmates’ Part Two by responding to their question. This may require you to do a little research. However, don’t just post a link. You should respond with a small substantial paragraph in your own words and where possible you should offer details and specific historical evidence.

Here is the question; I would like to know when the change in roles from China buying U.S. goods to the U.S. buying Chinses goods occurred.