Discussion Board. Answer the questions in the file below.

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Answer the questions and use at least one reference given in the file.

  • How would you define the American Dream?How important is money as a measure of success?
  • Is this idea unique to the USA?Is there a Canadian, British or Scandinavian dream?Was it originally intended to be unique to the USA?
  • As individuals, do we have a right to expect certain things to be provided by the system, such as health care, education, minimum level of subsistence, food/ shelter, etc.?
  • Is the American dream still a possibility for those who are new to this country?
  • Is it still realistic to think about becoming wealthy in this country?
  • How would you answer critics who say that the “American Dream” has become the “American Daydream” with hopes of a lottery win or TV show fame rather than hard work?
  • What role—if any—should government assume in keeping the dream alive?
  • The American Dream is almost impossible to separate from our work ethic…should we pay more attention to the non-work part of our lives? The Europeans say that we live to work and they work to live.Who comes closer to the ideal?