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Hi Class,

Take a deep breath and let it out. We are in Week 10, our last week, and all of your major assignments have been submitted. Let’s relax, and have fun…

This final DQ let’s reflect on Executive Presence and its relationship to leadership. You might enjoy this article as you prepare your topic:

“3 Areas You Need to Focus on to get “Executive Presence””– Look at how this includes two things we have done a ton of work on this term – Communication and Confidence.


In your posting, please address:

  • What does strong Executive Presence mean to you?
  • Name a leader who you think exudes Executive Presence. What are 2-3 ways this leader exudes Executive Presence?
  • What are 2-3 things you can do to incorporate these traits into your leadership style?
  • Think back to your first video of the term, what changes did you make to enhance your Executive Presence as you wrapped up your last Assignment?