DMM612 Impact of Foreign Fighters from ISIS Returning Home Analysis

As we near the end of Week 14, titled, “Catch up Week”, I want to bring to your attention the investigative phase we are witnessing in Colombo. Local radicalized cells, with the absolute support of some kind of global network, has executed in Sri Lanka, a series of simultaneous attacks, which will be easily remembered as the Sri Lankan’s 9/11. When we look at the adversary planning phase, it was meticulous, detailed, compartmentalized, well funded, with targets being of international nature, targeting the country’s tourism and economical assets along with religious targets on a religious holiday. The adversary utilized local knowledge along with international techniques and tactics. Were there opportunities for interdiction within the homeland, apparently there were. We know the intelligence community was warned of the planned attacks, weeks, days, and hours before the multi-phased and pronged detonations. How do we learn from the response, the intelligence, the recovery, and the investigation? Can such a series of attacks occur on our homeland? What is the impact of foreign fighters from ISIS returning home after Racca has fallen? Any other points we should address or challenge ourselves with?

600 words ,APA style