ECH220 GCU Instructional And Behavioral Support Strategies For Children

For this benchmark, use the balance of your practicum hours to observe three students: a typical learner, a special needs learner, and a gifted learner. Your practicum hours are to be used to inform your essay.

In an essay of 1,000‐1,250‐words, you will identify, analyze, and critique the instructional and behavioral support strategies that affect the learning of the typical learner, the special needs learner, and the gifted learner.

  1. Identify the developmental milestones of each learner. Use research to support your identifications.
  2. Describe how the classroom teachers differentiate their classroom instruction to meet the needs of these learners. Be sure to provide specific examples of the differentiation strategies.
    1. Describe the classroom environment, including the diverse learners in the classroom, culture, gender, socioeconomic factors, etc.
    2. Explain what incentives and positive behavioral supports are in place within the classroom, and how each learner responds to them.
    3. Identify what ongoing assessments are used and which are necessary to mark progress for each learner, including progress toward IEP goals for the learner with a disability.

Use 3‐5 scholarly resources.