ECON302 Cindy and Bella Coffee Roasters Business Interview Report

1.Find a business to survey. This can be any for-profit business—a gas station down the street, a family member’s or your own employer, or any other business—, but you’ll need to be sure you can speak or correspond with someone knowledgeable about the business— that is, able to answer the interview questions below.

2.Contact the person and ask if they are willing to participate.

3.Conduct the interview—that is, ask them for the information you need (see next section below). Note that your interviewee may not want to divulge all the information you’re looking for, or, more commonly, they will not want to give specific details. For instance, many business people will not be willing to tell you their company’s average costs. That’s okay. If they don’t want to answer, you can simply report that they declined to answer. More importantly, the information we’re looking for here is of a general nature. It’s not necessary to ask for, or to report in this assignment, in specific dollar figures.

4.Compile the information in a written report.

you can make up the interview it ok.

the rest of thin formation is in the doc attached.