Effects of Gentrification Multimodal Argument Project

Website –A combination of at least three (3) types of media. This can include other forms of multimodal texts (audio, video, written texts, etc.), social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) or it can resemble the type of news streams found on popular news sites, such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. w/valid sources. You may use Weebly, WordPress, Wix, or other free sites to assist you with building the website. The expectation is that the website will act as an accurate representation of your argument/topic. It should be thorough, incorporate other forms of media, and resemble a valid source.

Outline & Annotated Bibliography:In addition to the multimodal argument, you will submit an outline and annotated bibliography for the final project. The outline for this assignment will be more of a checklist on how you plan to approach the final project, as well as the mode you have chosen and why (Why is this particular mode the best choice for your argument, especially considering the audience?). The outline does not need to be super formal; instead, it should act as a road map for the final project.