ELL515 Arizona State History & Policies in Arizona for English Language Learners Paper


This assignment is intended to help you contextualize the major events in the history of English learner instructional policies. Where were you in your educational journey when these events occurred? Did they have any influence on your own education or teaching?


Step 1: Select 5-8 key policies, court decisions, and/or legislation that impacted the education of English learners. Take note of the general date(s) of each item.

Step 2: Create a timeline of these 5-8 items including the following information:

In two to three paragraphs answer the bullets below after the timeline.

  • Describe what you were doing personally around this time and what you might have known or heard at the time relevant to the education policy change.
  • Describe what these policies, court decisions, and/or legislation mean to teaching your discipline subject matter and how you will attend to the general issues as you interact with your (future) students.


The format of your timeline is flexible. There are numerous online tools available for use including many suggested in this article about timeline makers. https://www.ispringsolutions.com/blog/top-10-free-and-paid-interactive-timeline-makers. You can also use PowerPoint, Word, or other desktop software. If you are more artistic, you can always draw/color/paint your timeline on traditional paper and upload a photo of it.



5.0 to >4.0 pts


Timeline includes 5-8 key policies, court decisions, and/or legislation that impacted the education

of English learners.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Connections

10.0 to >8.0 pts


Student presents a concise and insightful connection of the concepts presented in the learning

materials to their personal experience and their teaching.

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