Empowering Your Employees

Organizational Transformation (OT), the work of facilitating fundamental change in organizations is often approached in two contrasting ways: (1) a “push” approach which is short term, often top down and has a financial benefit; and (2) a “grow” approach which is longer term and includes a building of capacity from a human resources perspective. This week we are discussing empowering your employees. Think about these two different approaches to organizational transformation and answer these questions:

  • Is your change initiative a “push” or “grow” approach?
  • How can senior and local leaders empower employees during change in a “push” approach? How about a “grow” approach”?
  • How much will you depend on changes to formal structure as a driver of change for your change initiative?
  • What role does learning play in your change initiative?
  • When empowering employees, what is the role of personal vision, skill mastery, and intrinsic motivation?