End of life Issues


  • a. Discuss arguments for and against intentionally terminating a human life.
  • a.Describe in detail what a living will enables one to do.
  • Imagine a scenario in which you suspect that one of your friends is contemplating suicide (you may make up the reason(s) for it.
  • Indicate which side of the debate you are on.
  • outline the reasons for your choice.

Your arguments for and against must consist of 3 paragraphs each. To the best extent possible include examples. Points will be awarded based on the strength of your arguments.

  • Compare and contrast how a living will is different from durable power of attorney.
  • State the reasons why you would choose one over the other if faced with a choice.

Your answer must contain at least 3 detailed paragraphs.

  • Outline the signs that are alerting you to the situation.
  • Come up with a detailed plan to talk to your friend about it and any other activities you may initiate to prevent your friend from harming himself/herself.

Your answer must contain at least 3 detailed paragraphs.

  • Distinguish carefully between the following pairs of terms and show how they are relevant to discussions of euthanasia:

a. Voluntary vs. nonvoluntary euthanasia

b. Active vs. passive euthanasia

c. Ordinary vs. extraordinary means of treatment

Your answer must consist of a detailed paragraph each on a, b and c.