ENG121 Commack Highschool Crime and Punishment Book Research Paper

ENG121 Commack Highschool Crime and Punishment Book Research Paper

Hey Henry my friend needs this essay written up for is final grade its his term paper. he gave it to another tutor but the tutor didn’t fulfill any of the requirements. Sorry for the last minute rush.

I need a 10 body paragraph research paper on the book Crime and Punishment. The research papers most important part is the thesis and it needs to serve as the anchor for the overall argument and inform the structure of the paper. the thesis has to address a broad topic or theme and clearly address the authors intent on the book. Also the thesis has to be debatable and the thesis shouldn’t consist and first person (also through out the whole essay). There should also be 3 sub topic that are in the book that relate to the characters in the book. Each sub topic needs three body paragraphs and all of the body graphs should have quotations and secondary source from the book supporting the sub topic. The essay also needs a attention grabber. The attention grabber should consist a qutation or bold statement about the topic this should be 2 sentences. Then a 2 sentences clarification is need to define or clarify the quotation or bold statement used. There should also be a 5 or more sentence background information to set up the reader for the paper. The background information should have the introduction to the primary source ( italicize the tile and have authors name). There should also be introduction to subtopics. The last sentence should be the thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs formation

1. Topic sentence

2. Introduction to the primary quotation

3. An example

( quotation should not stand alone)

4. Analysis #1

5. Introduction to the secondary quotation

6. Example #2

7. Analysis #2

8. Conclude the paragraph

The conclusion format

1. 1-2 sentences: thesis reminder

2. 5 sentences (or more) Subtopics/background

3. last 1-2 sentences: The clincher

The essay has to be in mlc format and if possible can you write it as a 12 grader in high school.

And if I possible can you do an outline that I will attach the teacher wants to see proof

I will but and attachment that the teacher gave on how the research paper should be structured