ENG122 Brookdale Community College Black Lives Matter Movement Essay

My topic is on Black Lives matter and its a research paper of 8-10 pages, present an argument about your topic. Your research paper should ultimately use 10-15 sources, and no one source should be cited more than four times in the paper. At least one of your final sources MUST be a book in print (not from databases or Google Books), one a primary research project, one an original interview, one an article from a database, and one multimedia (video clip, documentary, etc.).

Be aware of audience, as the information you present should be timely, logical, and complete enough for the reader to understand, as well as persuasive enough to convince the reader. In order to do this, you must present a strong position, logical reasoning, a counterargument, and solutions.

This essay will employ the use of outside sources to investigate a topic of interest. We will gather information in an academically ethical manner, think critically, and then synthesize that information in order to present it in an argumentative paper that demonstrates growth through drafting.