ENG229 Delta Enlightened Society & Challenging the Role of Women Paper

Ray’s Presentation: The Enlightenment Part 1

The Rise of the West and Historical Methodology

Tartuffe Performed

“The Enlightenment in Europe and the Americas” (3-11)

Tartuffe (12-68)

from A Vindication of the Rights of Women (160-163).

Both of works of literature you’ve tackled this week challenged received notions about society. This week’s discussion will have you examining the these writers’ exploration of these changing times.

Part One: Reason and Tradition

Reflect on how Moliere explores the tension between adherence to tradition and reason in Tartuffe through the characters of Orgon and Cleante. This is an open-ended question — though clearly they most strongly differ in their response to Tartuffe himself. Your post does need to draw specifically from the play to support your analysis — summarize at least one relevant scene which illustrates your interpretation, and include at least one or two specific quotations.

Part Two: Challenging the Role of Women

Reflect on how Mary Wollstonecraft would view the role of women in Tartuffe. Again — the question is open ended, but you need to support your interpretation with specifics from the excerpt we’ve read from A Vindication of the Rights of Women.

Each post should be at least 400 words.