ENG315 Strayer Email and the Professional Workplace Discussion Posts

Please completes all 4 discussion posts for each class and please be detailed in all responses.

ENG 315: Professional Communications:

“Email and the Professional Workplace”

  • Read the article “Is Email Evil?”. Compare the author’s take on email with your own professional / personal experience using email. Make a case for the importance of email in the workplace OR present an alternative form of communication that could replace email in the professional environment (be sure to provide reasons to support your claims).

SOC 450: Solutions to Global Issues:

Projecting the World Population

No one knows what the world’s population will be in the future, but the United Nations gives three projections: high, medium, and low. Explain how each of these projections would affect the global community and provide specific examples. Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least one other post. Bear in mind that we’re interested in the GLOBAL, not LOCAL dimensions of this problem.

HIS 105: American History after 1865:

During the Reconstruction Era, the Southern states created many laws and policies of their own. These “Black Codes” either tried to minimize federal laws and policies or were in retaliation to them.

Suppose you were a former slave during this era, which one of the following restrictions would you find the most offensive?

  1. Restrictions or prohibitions on voting
  2. Restrictions such as those on job, land purchase, and mobility
  3. Inability to serve on juries or accuse a white person in court

Then, in a full paragraph or two:

  • Discuss the immediate and long-term consequences from your chosen restriction.
  • Identify any lessons we can learn today from this restriction and its impact.
  • Identify the source(s) where you read about the restriction.

SOC 105: Society and the Media:

Do Media Influence Society?

  • Debate It – Take a position on this statement: American values are shaped by the mass media. Support your views with two or three reasons and/or examples.