ENGL142 Johnny and Billy the Talking Goat Fairy Tale Story Assignment

Your final portfolio will include:

Two substantial revision (40% of the grade). Take your fairy tale and re-envision the story. Take one of the other two and rework in a new way. Take some risks. “Substantial” means just that—clear evidence of revision (not simply correcting errors). This is a chance to move things around, structurally, to see what changes.

Play—what would you do with it if no grade was attached? What would you do if there were no rules attached?

What could you create? Think outside the box. You can be as creative as you want. What would you do differently…now? Try. Aim big.

Even a failure gives you something to write about. I will not be grading the revisions. Curious? Try something and see what happens. It gives you something to write about.

A brief, reflective essay (50% of the grade) in which you discuss your writing using the two essays you revised as a focus. You do not have to quote them, but you should refer to them in your essay, as support. (2.5 pages)


  1. your writing as evidenced by your showcased work—the revision, the changes you made throughout the drafts, and what you think about the final changes and the process of writing;
  2. your strengths and weaknesses as a writer;
  3. your learning about writing in general and your own writing;
  4. your plans for continuing growth; and
  5. nothing else. (Do not mention the class, book, course, or me.)

Use the following order (10% of the grade):

  1. Lead with a title page: name, class, and date.
  2. Reflective Essay.
  3. Final draft of your revised fairy tale.
  4. Final draft of your revised second or third essay (whichever one you chose).
  5. Binder-clip or staple the papers together. Do not submit a stack of loose papers or use a paperclip. (Fancy notebooks, glitter, scented paper, or bindings are not required and will not increase your grade.)


About the Reflective Essay please mention that I am an international student and I was struggling with some language barriers.


and about the two substantial revision, turn my fairy tale store ( 1 essay ) to a small fable ( 1 page)

and the other substantial revision do it by your way (the essay 2 ) or just make it an original revision