english literature multiple choice

What does Clarke mean when he says “the price of Space is Time” in “We’ll Never Conquer Space”?

  1. It will take much time to travel vast distances through space.
  2. The technology for travel through space will be costly.
  3. People will have to be paid a great amount to travel into space.

What disaster occurs in “The Explosion”?

  1. Men die in a mine explosion.
  2. A family dies because of a homemade bomb.
  3. A miner falls and is seriously injured.

Orwell’s primary purpose of writing “Shooting an Elephant” is to

  1. describe life in Burma in the early 1900s.
  2. expose the evils of imperialism.
  3. argue for conservation of elephants.

How does the title “That’s All” incorporate into the play?

  1. It sets up the sense of closure presented in the end.
  2. It foreshadows the insignificance of events.
  3. It makes the reader question the content.

Dylan Thomas uses “night” to symbolize ______ in the poem “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night.”

  1. society
  2. faith
  3. death

The following lines are taken from “A Devoted Son.” What does the signboard symbolize? “The gate that opened onto the dusty and rubbish-heaped lane still bore, proudly, a newly touched-up signboard that bore his son’s name and qualifications, his own name having vanished from the gate long ago.”

a. the cleanliness of the house even though the road is dirty b. the level of professionalism the son tries to keep
c. the son taking over his father’s house

In “B. Wordsworth,” the plight of the Trinidadians is symbolized by

a. the destruction of B. Wordsworth’s house.
b. the description of the yard surrounding B. Wordsworth’s house. c. the emotions the boy feels about B. Wordsworth’s death.

____ 8.

What is the prominent feature of the tomb in “An Arundel Tomb”?

  1. a crown and sword
  2. a knight on horseback
  3. a husband and wife

The title “No Witchcraft for Sale” refers to

a. Gideon’s willingness to sell magic healing to white people.
b. Gideon’s unwillingness to tell the scientist where the healing root is found.
c. Gideon and his people not telling the white people which natives are witches.