Equifax Data Breach Case Violated Policies & Issues Identification Analysis

We will now look at another case that has happened to the general public – Equifax data breach!!

plagiarism must be below 10% overall

Highlight at least three policies that you feel were violated in this case and address the policies that need to be in place to prevent those violations from occurring in the future. Make sure to include enough detail that it could be amended to an existing policy and clear enough that any/all employees know what the new policy address

apa format with references (minimum 5 )

Part 1:

Write 2-3 paragraphs at the beginning of your paper explaining the three issues you want to address and why. Follow APA guidelines for paper format and make sure to check spelling/grammar prior to submitting.

Part 2:

Write your mini-security policy following the template in textbook addressing the three issues you identified.