ESOL0354 Michigan State University Role of Culture in Classroom Paper

Read the discussion guide for RACE- The Power of an Illusion. For each episode, you will find six kinds of discussion starters and resources. The discussion starters and resources include: Before Viewing Questions, Comprehension Questions, Discussion Questions, Activity Suggestions, Web Site Tips, and Key References.

Step 3

Episode 1: The Difference Between Us

Episode 2 (Part 1): The Story We Tell

Episode 2 (Part 2): The Story We Tell

Step 4

With your students, explore the significance of race across multiple disciplines using the discussion guide as a resource. Choose at least one episode to complete with your students using the guide to scaffold student learning.

  • Modify the discussion guide from the selected episode for your ELLs by including the Cognitive Strategies from the work by Olson and Land.

Step 5

Create a four paragraph summary that describes how the activities above helped you to understand how race plays a role in your life and in the lives of your students. In your summary, include specific examples from your teaching experience and your students’ learning experiences.Include an explanation of the modifications you made to the discussion guide using the Cognitive Strategies developed by Olson and Land and why these modifications were appropriate for your students.

Copy your four paragraph summary