Essay writing techniques

essay writingStudents today must be able to and express their own thoughts., students receive an assignment related to writing an essay-reasoning. This makes it easier for the students to cope with the final essay in the future. The key to creating interesting and literate essays is reading books, watching documentaries. Also, live communication and, of course, doing creative work on a regular basis.

Characteristic of essays and what are the methods of writing an essay-reasoning?

The most important thing is to reflect one main, formulated and well-grounded idea. Remember that this is creative work and you should not be afraid to express even the most daring ideas.

An essay-reasoning can be written according to the following plan:

  1. Thesis (formulated thoughts that need to be proven);
  2. Arguments (convincing evidence of your thoughts);
  3. Conclusion (generalization of your theses, recommendations, forecasts).


The work should start with an introduction that will reveal the urgency of the problem.

For example, the theme of the essay-reasoning is “Happiness … What it is.” The introduction should begin with a statement about the existence of many things about which you can talk, as well as about happiness. After the first sentence, the first thesis can be formulated. For example, having written that “happiness is a feeling and a state of complete, highest satisfaction”. One should either confirm this thought with evidence. Else, give arguments that refute this point of view. For example, you can clarify that each person has their own idea of ​​happiness: for some it is a strong family, for others – unlimited financial opportunities, for others it is an opportunity to help other people. The main part of the essay should be arguments: about 2/3 of the total volume of work should be devoted to them.

essay writingBody

The most successful arguments, as a rule, are facts from history, statistics, current events with a wide resonance in society. For writing school essays, references to literary works, in which the events, life stories of the heroes, can confirm your idea and thoughts, become weighty arguments. The arguments in the essay are arranged in ascending order, that is, from convincing to the most convincing.


Your conclusion should deepen the thesis and express advice or any predictions. Or, you can give the opinion of great personalities. In our case, we can refer to Aristotle, who believed that the secret of happiness lies in the self-realization of the individual. You can write that, in his opinion, it is the person who knows his destiny and reveals his own potential that can be happy. If you are impressed by this idea, you should state it. For example, write that this is true, since nothing makes a person as happy as the opportunity to do what he loves. All these arguments can be summarized, for example, with the following phrase: life next to loved ones, their health, peace and stability – all this forms the concept of happiness. The very ability to live, breathe, feel is already happiness.

We hope that our tips will help you in essay writing  in the form of reasoning, and teachers will appreciate your efforts only for the highest score.

Go ahead and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas with other people!