Ethical Literature Related to Public Service in US Society Analysis Paper

700 words


Answer these questions:

  • Critically analyze the ethical literature related to public service.
  • Describe your initial observations from the assigned readings and media.
  • Explain how ethical you believe yourself to be.
  • Explain how this course might help to improve your ability to deal with ethical issues.
  • Which of these models do you believe is the preferred model, or the model that should be adopted in the US? Why?

Required Reading and media:

Public Service Ethics: Individual and Institutional Responsibilities

Chapter 1, “Pertinence, Practicality, and Poppycock” (pp. 2-20)

Chapter 2, “Perspectives on Ethics” (pp. 20-40)

Bowman, J. S., & West, J. P. (2015).

Blind Spots

Chapter 1, “The Gap between Intended and Actual Ethical Behavior” (pp. 1-23)

Bazerman, M., & Tenbrunsel, A. (2011).

To Serve with Honor: Doing the Right Thing in Government

Chapter 1, “Are You an Ethics Agent?” (pp. 11-21)

Newell, T. (2015).