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Ethics and Health Disparities Paper Assignment Description

Ethics and Health Disparities

Health disparities refer to the differences in the health status among groups of people. In this paper, you will explore the ethical component of a specific area of health disparities. The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses discusses the responsibilities of the nurse and outlines practice parameters to help define the profession.

Your paper should include an introduction; the body with three parts that discuss the health disparity you have chosen to focus on, the nurses’ ethical responsibilities related to this area of health disparity, and a discussion of at least three ways nurses can combat the disparity; and end with a strong conclusion that restates your main themes. You will use at least one peer-reviewed articles and other evidence-based resources as needed to support your work.


1. Choose one of the areas below to discuss in your paper.

  • Health disparities related to race, culture, and ethnicity
  • Health disparities related to geographic location
  • Health disparities related to income, education, and occupation
  • Health disparities related to gender
  • Health disparities related to age

2. Find at least one peer-reviewed articles related to your area to support your discussion.

3. In addition to the discussion above, write a short description of your research process. Discuss why article(s) used in the Assignment were selected. Include information on the following:

  • How were articles located? (keywords searched);
  • What databases were searched? (why database(s) were chosen);
  • How did you identify the articles were appropriate to support this health disparities Assignment? (peer-reviewed, dates, research by nurses, subject)

4. Discuss the area of health disparities you have chosen, including:

  • Who is affected
  • What factors lead to this disparity
  • How it impacts the individuals affected
  • Use your article to support your discussion

5. Discuss the nurse’s ethical responsibilities in relationship to your area of health disparities.

  • Use supporting documentation to apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within the field of nursing (e.g., your peer reviewed article, the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice, or another scholarly resource)

6. Develop a plan for nurses to address the area of health disparities you have chosen.

  • Include at least three examples of how nurses can combat the disparities

7. Examples of other resources you can use to develop your paper:

  • American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses
  • Healthy People 2010
  • CDC Basic Information about Health Disparities in Cancer

APA Guidelines

Use APA style formatting guidelines:

  • Include proper APA citation of at least one peer-reviewed article and other evidence-based resources as needed to support your work. Your paper should demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and mechanics.
  • The paper should include a clearly identifiable thesis statement and discuss a minimum of three points which support the thesis.
  • The paper should be very well ordered and each paragraph must have a strong internal organization. Transitions between and within paragraphs should be clear. Your writing style should be appropriate to the Assignment, fresh (interesting to read), accurate, (no far-fetched, unsupported comments), precise (say what you mean), and concise (not wordy). Do not use contractions or first person voice.
  • Include a title page and reference page and make sure your writing is free of serious errors. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling should help to clarify the meaning of your paper by following accepted Standard English conventions.
  • Use 6th edition APA formatting and citation style. Remember: You must cite at least one peer-reviewed journal article and use other evidence-based resources as needed to support your work.
  • Resources for APA and writing help:

Please review the rubric for the Assignment under Course Resources in the Grading Rubrics section.

Before you submit your paper:

  • Review the paper for grammar, spelling, and APA formatting.
  • Make sure you have followed the directions in the Syllabus for labeling your work.
  • Make sure your work contains all required elements from the grading rubric.