Ethics in Health Administration Practical Approach Decision Makers Discusion

In discussion you will used Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers, read: Chapter 6 “Market Forces and Ethics,” pages 113-134.

Website reading Russo, R., Diener, I., & Stitcher, M. (2015). The low risk and high return of integrative health services. Healthcare Financial Management 69 (11), 114-120, and Singer, J., & Adams, J. (2014). Integrating complementary and alternative medicine into mainstream healthcare services. The perspectives of health service managers. BMC complete, and American Hospital Association (2007). When I’m 64: how boomers will change health care (PDF).

Follow APA guidelines to cite and reference all of your resource materials in your work.

Market Forces Essay- post need to be 300-800 words

Effective health care leaders recognize and respect the powerful relationship between market forces and ethical management challenges. Choose one of the market forces highlighted in Chapter 6 of your Ethics in Health Administration text: managed care and ethics page 116, the aging of the baby boomers, page 123, or integrative medicine and ethics, page 125.

Choose one of the three and share an ethical challenges this market force has on the overall health care industry. Refine your work further (ER Administrator) to identify and discuss how this market force might directly present an ethical challenge in the health care industry sector in your management career. Share ideas and recommendations for possible leadership actions to prevent or address this challenge and ethics.

Utilize your unit study material for this essay. In addition, perform research to locate and include current, credible sources of statistics and information in your descriptions and analysis. Be sure to directly refer back to the foundational ethical theories and concepts for Unit 1 and 2 to support and help explain your ideas and insights.