?Evaluating Problematic Aspects in The Practical Development of Conflicts Related to The Sport


One of the most problematic aspects in the practical development of conflicts related to the sport is that which derives from the correct legal qualification of the problem and, as a result, the appeal procedures or defense mechanisms that may exist. The correct determination of the possible procedures is basic to the success of the final result, but for this, in sport and especially in countries where there is no great experience before judges, it is essential to correctly classify the legal nature of the conflict.

Please read each situation and identify what the Federation/athlete or Club can do and identify the claim line or appeal that fits in each of them.

Must submit a reasoned response in each case:

1. Black flag (disqualification) to a motorcycle racer in a motorcycling event of the Qatar Championship for reckless and imprudent maneuver.

2. The discrepancy with an agreement adopted at an assembly of a Qatari Sports Club participating in a football competition.

3. The non-admission of the registration of a player by the Sports Federation.

4. Descent of category (division), at the end of the season, of a handball referee.

5. The non-authorization, by the Economic Commission of the Federation, of a travel expense of an athlete of the badminton federation to go to the World Championship.

6. The non-inclusion in the list of selected to represent Qatar in the Olympic Games having accredited the minimum set by the Federation.

7. The discrepancy with the agreement of the Football League for the awarding of television rights of the First Soccer Division to a television channel.

8. Disagreement with the approval by the Federation of the modification of the competition calendar.

9. The discrepancy with the agreement of the Board of Directors and the Assembly of the Federation to include a test in the calendar of tests which entitles to participate in international competitions.

10. Exclusion of an athlete with sports license of the participation in a championship already started by the existence at a time after the start of the championship, a cause that does not allow the participation (for example, a negative medical certificate)

11. A penalty imposed by the Qatar Athletics Federation for doping of an athlete with sports license for testing positive in the World Athletics Championships.

12. The non-authorization of participation of an athlete in of the Asian Championship held in Egypt and organized by the Federation of Egypt.

13. The discrepancy with the agreement adopted by the Board of Directors of the Athletics Federation for the designation of the logo and the name of the Official Athletics Championship.

14. The non-admission of affiliation of the Club B in the Qatar Volleyball Association.

15. Disagreement with the designation of the team delegate by the Board of Directors of a club for participation in the Championship.

16. The discrepancy with the agreement of the Assembly of the Qatar Federation of affiliation to the International Federation of its sport.

17. Agreement to exclude a Qatari sports federation from the Qatar Olympic Committee.

18. Disagreement with the suspension of a game by the referee of a match in case of disturbance of public order.

*** Identify the claim line or appeal that fits in for each Case.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.