Evaluation of Models for Forecasting the Final Cost of a Project

Evaluation of Models for Forecasting the Final Cost of a Project

At the top of the paper provide the reference to your Journal Article. Use a scholarly source as described above. Utilizing a non-scholarly/non-peer-reviewed source will result in significant point deduction.

1.The INTRODUCTION is your initial brief discussion of the concept identified from the chapter 9 & 10 (attached below) that you are going to examine. This is just a brief presentation of the concept.

2.The SUMMARY is the introduction of your journal article and a brief overview of the content.

3.The RELEVANT POINTS section is the most important section of this paper. This is where you compare the article to the text based upon the concept you selected. This should demonstrate how the article either supports or opposes the concept(s) as presented in the text.

4.The CRITIQUE section is where you review the article to state whether it is a better authority on the concept(s) or whether the text provides a better authority. This based upon providing a sound review of the strengths/weaknesses of the article.

5.The Application of Concept(s) section is a personal discussion of how you can implement this concept into our own work. This should be a specific example and not just a general statement.

Apply the concept(s) to your career, field, industry, etc. Provide a real world application not a general statement. This section should demonstrate how you can take the findings of this article or case study and utilize them in a practical way in your career, field or practice. Make the application specific to your own experience. Do not just provide a general overview of the usefulness of the findings. Be specific; not general.

Provide a balanced criticism of the article or case study. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the study? How do the findings support the field of project management? How could it have been altered to better support the field?


1.References (this does not count toward the required paper length)

FINALLY, you must cite your sources after every sentence which contains information from one of your sources. Just putting a citation at the end of a paragraph or section is not sufficient.

Also, do not state “The author” or “the text”. Use proper APA style. This is Last Name of Author (Year). So, the proper reference to the text would be…Kloppenborg, et al. (2019)

2. Give make 250 words document about the important finding in the article.In the summary and relevant points section provide proper citations with page number.

4. Research brief needs to discuss how article compares to text.