Federally Funded Anti-Terrorism Programs

Federally Funded Anti-Terrorism Programs


Suppose that, during your research into the resources that each level of government brings in the fight against terrorism, you discovered many federally funded programs that may be of use to your department. These programs are expensive to operate, and your department currently does not have the funds to start any new ones. Some of them could be very beneficial to your department’s fight against terrorism.

As the captain, you are considering pursuing one or more of these funding sources. You wish to present these programs to your command staff for discussion and debate. This week, you will use the command staff discussion forum for this purpose.

For your initial discussion post:

  • Explore three federally funded programs available through the Department of Homeland Security that are designed to share funds or resources with state or local law enforcement.
  • Illustrate the purpose of each program.
  • Predict one implication of each of the three programs on society.

please use scholarly resources