Final Project

will select an athletic event of their choosing and attend said event. During the event, students will observe the event, not as a sporting event but as a vacuum of numerous sociological worlds. From there, students will observe various interactions (as non-creepily as possible), and submit a paper on all of the sociological worlds observed. Students will be expected to keep notes of the various worlds during the game. Students will then apply a minimum of three (3) theories from the class, and apply said theories to different sociological worlds that they observed. It is expected that students will report on numerous social worlds, FAR BEYOND 3, but will go in depth with three worlds in particular with three different theories to observe said worlds. Reflections and reactions should conclude the paper, which should be somewhere between 6+ pages.

The following are theories that have been learned:

Weber’s Sociology (Types of Actions), Figurational Theory, Sociological Imagination, Sociology of Science, Urban Regime Theory & Institutional Logics, Secularization, Feminist Theory, Social & Cultural Capital, Race, Class, & Gender Theory, Hegemonic Masculinity, and Structuration.