Final Site


Due in Week 10 and worth 100 points

After weeks of intense work your client is excited to view the final Web page:

Remember to include:

  • A consistent design and color scheme
    • An external CSS document to control these aspects
    • CSS applied to a single page
    • Use of inline styles
  • A consistent navigation between parts of your site
  • A minimum of 5-8 pages
  • At least three external hyperlinks
  • An email link with the subject filled in
  • A form (it does NOT have to connect to a database because that is beyond the scope of this class)
  • Properly placed images on at least three pages
  • The use of alert message on one page
  • JavaScript that adds value to your page. This could be mouseover events for navigation, a photo gallery, form field validation, performing a calculation in a form (such as adding tax or shipping), etc.
  • JavaScript additions
  • The preparation of the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

Now that you have begun to write your pages in HTML, please add the following to a comment in the <head> of your work:

  • Name, date, week #, class with section, and campus # (i.e. CIS273001VA016)

Always zip your work into a single folder for uploading to Blackboard. You’ll want to keep each week separate so that you can review earlier iterations of your site, in case you want to revert something back based on feedback from your professor.