Follow Up Questions

Need this questions answered from my Classmates.

1. I went ahead and read your post because of how alike our materials are. As you can see from my post I went with gold, and like silver these elements date back to what seems to be the beginning of civilization. I do know that at one point silver was more valued than gold. With that being said and as a follow to your question I wonder why these elements were designated as the ones to adorn kings and queens in? What is it about their make up that strike them as superior and more valuable than say aluminum?

2. I bet no matter where you are in public someone is bound to have some silver jewelry on them. I am surprised that silver is used in the making of mirrors. Do you know exactly what it is used for in mirrors? It is also pretty fascinating that silver was used to prevent infections because of its antibacterial qualities. 3000 BC is pretty old, the element I chose was discovered in 1810. So, silver definitely has a much deeper history and a very fascinating one.

3. Great post about silver. Its funny how life works out. I am taking this chemistry and class we have a trivia night at work each week, the topic last night was basic chemistry. Ironically one of the questions was what is the symbol for gold! A lot of teams put Ag! My team or well me I said no its Au. Of course Au was the right one for gold, but it was funny that so many though it was Ag. Probably because of the “g” in Ag. I actually have a real silver dollar, and older gentlemen gave it to me a long time ago. I don’t think i would ever get rid of it, but back in the day if you had a silver dollar, they were actually made of silver. So the one I have is actually worth more than a dollar. Could you imagine if they still made the silver dollars out of silver? Great post man!