Foodservice Article Summary

Foodservice Article Summary

This assignment will require you to locate and read an article related to foodservice administration and to a topic discussed in this class.

The topic article relate:
– Restaurants and Their Owners
– Concept, Location and Design
– The Menu
– Planning and Equipping the Kitchen
– Food Purchasing
– Bar and Beverages
– Budgeting and Control
– Recruiting and Staffing

The written assignment assigned related to this article will include the following:

(1) Heading (name of the article, author(s), name of journal, and source of where/how found the article);
(2) A summary of the article in your own words including key points of information;
(3) How it relates to a topic covered in this class;
(4) How the information may relate to or be useful in a potential career setting that you may see yourself in sometime in the future;
(5) Include a citation of the article for reference in APA format.

Please attach a copy of the article to the paper