Formation of paternal identity

Formation of paternal identity

1. Please follow instructions of the paper in attachment carefully.

2. I will provide screenshots of the readings that will be used for quotes later (six total).

3. I have written the first two parts (introduction and procedure) already, which I will attach in attachment named “The paternal identity”, please continue writing the paper to 8 pages.

4. My idea of the paper: paternal identity is formed under family atmosphere through interactions with the child and influence/expectations of the other half on how to be a good dad (Instead of realizing the new identity once a child is born).

5. I will attach a reference paper named “The Maternal Identity” writing about maternal identity for reference (but do not quote or cite the paper, I just want to give you an idea of what the paper would like, and you can see examples of how a mom interacts with a child and changes her behavior after gaining maternal identity, which will be similar in my case).

6. You can see how the other half has shaped and influenced formation of paternal identity by looking at this paper, which is one of my idea mentioned above: (Also, do not cite or quote the paper in the link, you can paraphrase some points but just be careful. The paper will be submit through turnitin).

7. For the data part, you can make up your own quotes of the interviewees and also the field study experience I mentioned in the second paragraph (You can see the reference paper “The Maternal Identity” in attachment of how the data/interviews would look like to support my idea). Try to imagine what kind of scenario would be if you stay 2 days at your cousin’s house and observe how your cousin and his children interact (For example: the dad will pickup his child and ask for feed at school while driving, or ask the mom how’s the study been of his child without asking the child directly etc.)

8. Most importantly, the paper is about how the paternal identity is formed instead of what’s a relationship between a dad and his child. The x–>y is very important!