Formulate Clinical Question based on one of these scenerios

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Asking Clinical Questions


A nurse in the PACU is interested in ways to decrease the use of pain medication in post-op patients. She’s wondering if classical music or guided imagery might be efficacious.
A 17-year-old African American woman, just diagnosed with hepatitis B, has been taking acetaminophen for headaches. Her mother has heard that acetaminophen can cause liver problems, and she asks you if her daughter should continue taking the drug for her headaches, considering her hep-b diagnosis.
You are on a hospital committee exploring best practices in inpatient oncology nursing. The first question to come before the committee is, “how can we improve patients’ sleep quality and quantity without resorting to sleep medication?” The committee decides to explore relaxation techniques (e.g., massage; music), noise reduction, bed/pillow comfort, and ambient temperature changes. Your assignment is to find the best practices to reduce noise levels on the unit.
A 53-year-old woman with rheumatoid arthritis wants to possibly change her medication to short-term low-dose corticosteroids instead of NSAIDS, which are upsetting her stomach. Will the corticosteroids be as effective?
Jeff, a smoker of more than 30 years, has tried to quit unsuccessfully in the past. A friend of his recently quit with acupuncture. He wonders if he should try it.


Choose one (1) clinical scenario above.
Formulate a well defined clinical question that will yield the most relevant and best evidence.
Describe the background of the question
Present the question using PICOT format
Indicate what will be the best study to answer the clinical question
Make sure that you read other students postings to identify similar areas of interest for future group work.
Your post should be a minimum of 250-300 words.

Back up your arguments with reliable evidence.

You do not have to respond to your peers for this post!
View Grading Rubric.


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