Genital herpes virus.

Q85) A client who is pregnant has a history recurrent genital herpes virus. The client ask the nurse what will be done to suppress an outbreak when she is near term. What is the nurse’s best response?

(a) Antiviral medications are not safe during pregnancy

(b) Intravenous antiviral agents will be used if an outbreak occurs

(c) Oral acyclovir must be used to control outbreaks – correct answer

(d) Topical acyclovir must be used to control outbreaks

Q88) A nurse is preparing discharge teaching for a client who will be going home on warfarin. Which of these client statements indicate the need for further instruction?

(a) I should avoid alcohol and herbal remedies while I am taking warfarin

(b) I should be consistent with my intake of leafy greens because they reverse warfarin effects

(c) I should stop taking my warfarin if I get bruises or black stools –

(d) I should have my bleeding time checked when I am taking antibiotics