Global Warming Discusion Opinion Response Help

please respond to carra with 200 words :

I do believe in global warming, we see it in all of our surroundings. We know that every year it gets hotter and hotter and that it stays hotter longer, the gases that are released into the atmosphere are creating more and more problems on earth. In some areas the paint off cars start fading away due to pollutions. We now know that all of the plastics we use are now every where and we are drinking it. Our water bottles have particles of plastic, when it rain there are tiny particles of plastic that are in our rain and its in our DNA since theres so much of it in our water and we drink it. I do think if people can get an electric car then we should, but I do think there is more we can do other than just driving an electric car. We should take better care of our planet and our surroundings. Not just for us but for the generations to come. At some point we are going to need to change the way we live and the way we do things dramatically because of all the harm we have caused. From pollution our air to polluting our oceans, we need to fix the problem we have created at some point.