God Existence and The Believers of Supernatural Being Essay Project 4

Essay Project 4: Final Draft Step 5 Due Friday

Step 2 Complete your Final Draft

Be sure you met all requirements:

MLA Format

Works Cited Page

Cover Page

1500 words/ 6 pages of text (excluding cover and reference sheet)

Follow the Organization Pattern set out in the assignment sheet

Edited and Proofread (without mistakes/grammar or sentence errors)

Written in third person point of view

Step 3 Explain your process

Compare both the first draft and final draft of the Evaluating an Argument Extended.

Please write me a note in the text box explaining the differences between the drafts in detail.

I will be evaluating for ample revision completed between the drafts.

Step 4 Save and submit your assignment

Submit both your rought draft along with your final draft to the submission link.

When you have completed your assignment save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.