Great Barrier Reef FDI Project Proposal Paper

Country: Australia

Project: Due to the recent discovery that half of the Great Barrier Reef has died since 2016 due to coal production/transportation, climate change, fishing, and more. A system to protect the Great Barrier Reef and keep the harmful factors away.

Write about: 1- Why countries would want to invest in the product? 2- SWOT Analysis of the product.

Requirements: Based on your country analysis, presents a clear, well-thought out and articulated hypothetical project

Clearly articulates any relevant assumptions/constraints/etc. that helps to justify/explain/etc. your project selection*

Simply outline/develop/present a hypothetical FDI project that capitalizes on the strengths of your country

12 point, Times New Roman, Double Spaced

Interesting, original, clear, concise, yet of adequate and substantial length to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course material

Well formatted, easy to read, follow and understand, etc.

In other words… If you were a potential investor in this project, how would you want it to look, and what would you want it to contain?