Guided patient education

Patient education sessions need to evolve with the health care industry. This assignment challenges you to rethink patient education by looking at adult education principles as you guide patients to reputable sources for further review.

Create a patient education tool for the ailment you researched in this week’s learning activity. The tool should promote patient competency and e-health literacy. Consider:

  • How patients can/will use the tool
  • Patient experience managing this ailment
  • Community resources such as public libraries, parks and recreation community centers, and neighborhood service centers for free computer and internet access
  • Patient ability to perform basic computer functions
  • Graphs, charts, labels, or other visual information the consumer is likely to see
  • Direction for how to search and apply relevant online information

Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • online module


  • trifold brochure

Include a minimum of three scholarly sources and develop an APA-formatted reference page.

Explain your rationale for choosing the format on a new page in your reference page document.

This assignment will be one of the fun things you do in this course plus you can demonstrate your ability to optimize your clinical skills in an educational tool. Many choose to create a trifold or flyer. That seems to be what nurses like to use when teaching patients. A learning module can be a part of an education component for example, teaching how to use a glucometer which is component of diabetes education. The module can be a power point you would use and present in a class or a voice added power point you can have a patient view in private or class.