Guided Project – Personality Quiz ,UNIT 3 DISCUSSION

Unit 3 Discussion

As you begin working on this Unit, post a question you may have or something you think will help another student (maybe something you learned on where to find a file or how to setup Xcode or ….).

You will receive credit by

1. posting a question or something that will help someone AND

2. answering someone’s question or conversing with a student about their post.

3. Subscribe to the discussion so you will get email alerts when someone posts.

Click on “Discussion Board” button on the left of your screen.

  1. Guided Project – Personality Quiz
    • ● Completetheguidedproject-Pages398-440
    • ● Submitthe“PersonalityQuiz”projectalongwithascreenshotoftheproject running. Put both files in one zip file. Name the zip file using your first and last name. Ex.