Have a paper 2 to 3 pages on business law topic, could be on tort or copy right article online.

Process – Pretend you are a law clerk and you are writing a memo to the senior partner about a potential new client. Your assignment is to explain the case and the likelihood of success. If the case has been decided, assume that the potential client wants us to pursue or defend an appeal.

Use the IRAC method in the memo. Each element of IRAC must be the addressed. Issue

What type of case is this? What are the main legal issues addressed in the case. Please clearly state the

issue(s) only do not state the facts of the case. The facts are discussed in the analysis section. Rule

What is the legal rule or law that should be applied? Again just state the rule and how it is applied

generally. Do not include specifies of this case in this section.


Here you can discuss the important facts and how they relate to the rule. You should also explain how

you reached your conclusion.


There can be a few parts to this section of the paper; if the case was decided at the trial level you should state what the court decided and whether or not you think a appeal court might reverse and the trial’s court decision and why.

If the case was not decided yet or has not gone to court, you can state how you think the case will be decided and why based on the information you can discover about the situation. By the way, if it is not clear the situation will end up in court, you can discuss why you think it will or will not end up in court.

Note: this is a memo about the case – not a summary of the article or source material(s) you used.


 The legal issue that applies must be one we have discussed in class.

 However the ACTUAL case or situation you select – cannot be a case we reviewed in class.

 There must be enough information readily available for you to understand and analyze the case

 You must be able to site a reliable source(s) for the information you are using in the report.



Reports submitted after May 7th will be accepted but may not receive full credit. Special consideration may be given to reports submitted on or before April 22nd


The report should be 2-3 pages; use times roman 12 font, 1.5 line spacing and 1 inch margins.

Please use this structure: Student’s name

Date submitted


Case name

With a brief one to two line description of case. (Basically or generically who is suing who) Please make sure you use the following headings to organize your report


Rule Analysis Conclusion

Please include an addendum with citations for where you found out about the case and all the supporting material you used to help you understand the case and /or the application of the law. You can site the textbook as a source of law; however, if you used any outside sources to help you please site them as well.