Health Care Financing Administration.

Health Care Financing Administration.

Question 1

The phrase usual and customary refers to:

The success rate of a specified procedure.

How charges for a service compares with charges made to other persons receiving similar services and supplies.

How an insurer evaluates the need for an ordered diagnostic test.

How much an insurer will charge to provide coverage.

Question 2

Which of the following statements does not belong in the past medical history portion of your chart note?

Your patient has an allergy to penicillin.

Your patient had a cholecystectomy 3 years prior.

Your patient’s father passed away from lung cancer.

Your patient had lab work done at their last appointment; CBC was normal.

Question 3

Which of the following statements about Medicaid is true?

Medicaid is a federal plan created to provide care for indigent persons.

Eligibility requirements for Medicaid are mandated by the Health Care Financing Administration.

Medicaid is a program for the indigent financed jointly by the federal and state governments.

Medicaid pays for family planning services, dental care, and eyeglasses.