Healthcare in Cuba

Organization – Covered all key parts of the assignment:

  • Cover Page
  • 10 to 20 slides long (not including title or reference page).
  • A reference page with at least 5 research sources
  • A strong thesis statement about the chosen country’s healthcare system
  • Sections on information about the country; history of the current healthcare system; facts that affect the health system; challenges and issues; future health projection based on resources needed to address the healthcare issues; comparison to the U.S. health system.
  • Recommendation

Analysis and Comprehension – Demonstrated knowledge of the chosen country and its healthcare system. The paper shows significant insights, supported reasoning, and logical analysis of the healthcare issues facing the selected country.

Research – Student used examples and references from the five required research resources, as well as any additional texts, Web sites, articles, other references, and/or personal experience. Demonstrated the ability to conduct independent research, locate and identify information on the topic, organize that information, and clearly analyze and present that information.

Student followed APA style and correct writing rules.