Healthcare Services Accessibility Social Issue Paper


Tell us about a social issue or problem that is significant in your community. How does this problem or issue impact you and the community? Do you have any ideas for improving the situation?

Topic Chosen: Health Care

Points to Discuss:

– Why we need health care

– Lack of affordable healthcare

– Health Insurance is tied to employment, a lot of people who lose their jobs aren’t insured

– Lack of accessibility

– How healthcare is an issue for low income families like myself.

– Brief on how we can fix affordability, portability, and lack of accessibility. ( one idea of imporvement for each )

More information:

I’m a Health Administration Major, and first generation student with immigrant parents that have been citizens for many years now. My family is low income. this is more like a personal statement please try to answer in the perspective of my background. Citations are not exactly necessary.

Link where I got some information on:

Please look up additional info to support the points I wanted to discuss (if necessary), and not only use the link I’ve provided.