HIST155 University of Phoenix Western Experience Questions

HIST155 University of Phoenix Western Experience Questions

Imagine your living in the early to mid 1800s and your assignment is to record the move Westward. Complete the assign

  1. While an occasional quote is ok, the majority of the information MUST be in your own words. As with all assignments, you must include references for all information.

    Write a 700- to 900-word journal entry of your experience and what you are discovering. (You may write this in first person.)

    Be sure to make it clear
    who you are (male/female, adult/child, immigrant/American born), where you are coming from, and where you are specifically going to (Texas, California, New Mexico Territory, Oregon, or Utah.)

    Include explanations to the following:

    • Describe the social, economic, and political forces of the times and how they may have influenced you and those around you to move west.
    • Describe what the journey was like on the trail west. This should include obstacles and difficulties, as well as one’s daily life and responsibilities on the trail.
    • Describe your arrival in the west and what you might experience once you reach your destination.
    • Finally, describe the U.S. acquisition of the territory where you will now live, how it eventually becomes a state and discuss the effects of the acquisition on your life.