HIST1700 Morality of War on Terror & the Patriot Act Written Assignment

This written assignment is worth up to 20 points and requires a lengthier response. For this assignment, you are to compose a 300- to 500-word essay in response to ONE (1) of the following questions. Be sure to support your answer with factual information drawn from your textbook or website, and feel free to touch on material learned in Parts Four and Five.

ETHICAL REASONING: ** choose ONE of the following and analyze; students should ably describe and analyze a position on an ethical issue below; your essay should analyze and describe your position, apply ethical reasoning about right and wrong human conduct, and demonstrate your ethical decision-making process. The issues below are drawn from the twentieth and early twenty-first history:

Civilian targets in warfare

US role in intervening to stop genocide abroad

US support of Israel

US role in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

NAFTA & disparities in application of

immigration policy in the US (amnesty, open borders, border wall, etc.)

US obligation to Developing World

American role in pandemics/world health crises

Drone strikes in War on Terror

US maintaining Guantanamo Bay detention/interrogation center

War on Terror & Patriot Act/surveillance at home (U.S.)