HLT508 : Health Master ’ s Project – Nursing Assignment

HLT508 : Health Master’s Project – Nursing Assignment
Store all of your artefacts of research in a secure location, for example, use PebblePad and store these as assetsThe artefacts you collect may include:
Consent, measuring instruments, questionnaires, interview guides, observation schedules and Information sheet
Background discussion with reference list as per APA
Ethics application and documentation confirming ethics
Data analysis
Procedures used in the research
Research question outlining the theoretical frame and the methods
How you drew the sample and sampling methods
Implementing the research design
Discussion after analysis using additional literature
Recommendations for future research
Recommendations and implications for practice
The following artefacts need to be submitted to EASTS for marking in the form of an essay.
Briefly Introduce the research question and background (250 words – included in the overall word limit)
Develop a discussion after you have analysed the data using additional literature including:Recommendations for future researchRecommendations and implications for practice
Include a Reference List in APA 6th edition style as outlined in Perrin (2015).
Submit the 2200 WORD document through Turnitin. Instructions on how to do this are on the Interact2 site.