HMD 25 Workplace Whistle Blowers – Employment Law News Article Paper

HMD 25 Workplace Whistle Blowers – Employment Law News Article Paper

Directions: Find an article from reliable news sources (, USA Today, The New York Times, Las Vegas Sun, etc., or any other reputable national or local source) and present the article in class.

You may not use an article that was published before 5/15/18.

You must also turn in a written summary of the article by answering the questions below. Your written reflection must be a one-page typed (double-spaced).

my topic is: ‘Workplace whistle blowers

  1. TOPIC of Article:
  2. TITLE of Article:
  3. SOURCE / Article Link:
  4. WHO is this article about?
  5. WHAT is this story about? (List at least four important facts from your article).
  6. WHEN did this story take place?
  7. WHERE is this event or issue occurring? (Specify city, country, region, etc.)
  8. WHY is this story important?
  9. CONNECT the article to a concept we discussed/will discuss in HMD 402 and explain (I will give you the powerpoint of the lecture so far)

And I also need power point slides. I need to do presentation for 3-5 mins, so I think there should be 5-6 slides in power point

and please make a script for power point as well.

so I need one page of summary, 5-6 slides of power point and one script for presentation.

and if you find the article, please let me know the link of the website.

And I will attach the lecture that you should know when you answer number 9.

if you have any questions, let me know