HTS 3068 Disability Rights Movement Research Paper Assignment

Research paper assignment

Disability Rights HTS 3068 – !!!!!

In this assignment you will apply sociological tools and concepts from class to analyze a social movement of particular interest to you.

The learning objectives for this assignment include the following:

• Describe and explain the emergence and major events and impacts of one additional social movement of personal interest to you;

• Deepen your understanding of social movement theory by applying concepts from class to analyze a social movement independently; and

• Expand your ability to understand, evaluate, and synthesize social science articles and clearly articulate evidence-based arguments. Your paper should include the following components: • An introductory paragraph that succinctly introduces the paper’s topic and its primary argument.

• A concise description of the social movement: how and when it emerged, major events, outcomes, and decline (if applicable).

• A brief discussion of the TWO dimensions of social movement theory that you have chosen to engage in your paper (political economy, organization, culture, or strategy). • An in-depth analysis of several aspects of the movement (at least two of the following: emergence, growth, successes and defeats, decline), using the two dimensions of theory you chose to engage.

• A succinct conclusion.

Paper format

• Standard font (Times or Cambria), 12 point.

• Double-spaced with 1-inch margins.

• Length: 5-6 pages

• Citations and references: Your paper should draw on at least three peer-reviewed journal articles or academic books about your chosen social movement, and at least two class readings related to the areas of theory you have chosen as your focus. In text citations and bibliography should follow American Sociological Association (ASA) style:…