hum112 week 7 discussion and response

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  • Monuments and Person of the Week.

Please answer both questions using information in our text and online sources as needed.

1. Describe a contemporary monument in your city or in local area (LOS ANGELES, CA). Tell us the special significance it holds for the citizens of the city where it was erected. Compare this monument to the Eiffel Tower in Paris: should it keep the original design and structure, like the Tower, or be updated?

2. Person of the Week for week 7: This week your choices are between several important artists whose works were groundbreaking and influential enough to create different art movements: Paul Cezanne, Vincent van Gogh, or Georges Seurat (Post-Impressionism) and Pablo Picasso (Cubism). Who is the most important artist, in your opinion, and why?Support your choice with facts from the text and a picture. Provide the link to the website with your reply.

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The monument I chose was the South Carolina State House. The State House is a known monument in South Carolina that symbolizes tons of history and historical events. Right now, the State House occupies the government offices which include the general assembly and the governor’s offices. The State House is a known tourist attraction in the heart of downtown. A lot of people take pictures in front of it and around Christmas time they have a big Christmas Tree that’s a huge attraction. Events are held there as well as festivals, parades, and marches. The State House was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976 for its significance in the post-Civil War Reconstruction Era. The grounds actually include several monuments. The African American History monument, the Palmetto Regiment, the Strom Thurmond monument, and the Law Enforcement Memorial are just some to say the least. The State House should definitely remain in its natural state. I think some updates are to be expected but I like to think more in the terms of “restoration” that way all the original architecture stays in place.

I definitely chose Vincent Van Gogh as my person for the week. I actually got excited when I say his name. I’ve always been a fan of his paintings. Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who was one of the most influential painters of his time. He is also one of the most famous of all painters in the history of Western art. Over time he has created over thousands of paintings. His work had a huge response from enthusiasts and painters alike.